we plan, calculate and implement projects in different fields:

projects for

film, television, show

exhibitions, events, advertising

museum, historic preservation

props and custom products

range of services

studio construction, scenery construction, set construction, decoration construction

wooden structures, surface design

moulding, plasters work, furniture

plastic elements, sculpture, scenic painting

image copies, decorative painting, marbling, imitation of wood, ageing

imitation of stone (including exposed concrete slate, granite, marble, limestone, sandstone)

illusion painting, calligraphy, gilt

ageing jobs, textile art, props production

imitation of historical glass in plastic, technology development

project management, construction management

imitation of nature and casts, glass painting, painting in different techniques


wood, plaster, clay, concrete, styrofoam, plastic, plexiglass, cloth

special knowledge

sculptures: miniatures & monumental sculpting, plastic surfaces: imitation & final finish,

painting: classic & modern, ageing jobs: deco & costume area

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for this we have a large pool of experienced colleagues aside